At our facilities, our managers are tasked with helping people determine the right size for what their needs are at the moment.  Clearly, a 2,000 sq. ft. home won’t fit into a 5 x 10 storage unit…no matter what type of Expert you are at Tetris…it’s just not happening.

However, your 2,000 sq. ft. home MAY fit into a 10 x 20 – with some work.  At home, your couch is spaced out exactly the comfort range from your recliner which is perfectly spaced from the 72 in. flat-panel HDTV.  And while that’s great for watching the game, but not with self storage.  Stack-ability and usability are important when putting things into self storage.  Things like washers and dryers can often be stacked upon one another when in storage.  Oftentimes, the love seat may be able to be positioned within the arms of the sofa.  Furniture pieces like dressers and night stands make for great storage.  They also double as a flat surface for boxes or totes.

All in all, you must remember that your home is filled with SPACE.  Your self storage unit shouldn’t be.  However, keep in mind the following tips:


  • DO NOT stack just to stack.  Make sure that whatever you stack is STABLE.  Boxes will crush under a certain amount of weight.  So…maybe placing the fine china on TOP of an 8-Box stack may turn into the proverbial straw to the stack’s “back”.
  • ALWAYS keep in mind that should your packing damage the property, you are responsible for the damage.  This also goes for if a stack falls over and pushes into the adjoining unit and causes damage to another person’s contents.
  • ALWAYS protect your surfaces.  Cover any surfaces that you would not want damaged or scratched during the move or while in storage in the off chance that something shifts.
  • ALWAYS purchase the insurance.  This was covered in another post, but IF something happens, you would rather be safe and protected over being sorry and dejected.

At Handy Lock, we have “Handy Storage Capacity Guidelines” to help you visualize the space that you might need.  For instance, let’s go back to that 2,000 sq. ft. (3BR/2BA) home from above.  The recommended storage for a 3 Bedroom home is a 10 x 25 unit.  While you may fit into that 10 x 20, you may fit better, with less chances of damage, in a 10 x 25.

Everyone’s furniture, belongings, and needs are different.  In the end, you know how big your things are and how much of them you will be storing.  Our facility managers are experienced and knowledgeable and will consult with you on all of your storage needs.