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Storage Unit Sizes

In our years of experience providing quality self storage facilities and services to our customers, we have developed some rules-of-thumb that you may find useful in determining which storage unit sizes best suit your needs.  As always, please call our Resident Manager for their advice and suggestions.  

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Unit Size Compare To Contents
5x5x5 Locker File Boxes, Photos, Clothing
5 x 5 Small Closet Several Small Boxes
5 x 10 Walk-in Closet Couch or Chair or Dresser
10 x 10 Small Rental Truck Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Couch, Boxes
10 x 15 Large Bedroom 2 Bedroom Apartment
10 x 20 Single Car Garage 2 Bedroom House
10 x 25+ Large Rental Truck 3-5 Bedroom Home (or Car/Truck)